The thing about Christmas programs when you’re a preschooler… is the waiting.

waitingThere’s Quinlan in the green shirt.  It was a long program… and the preschoolers were one of the last to perform.  Usually they’re one of the first and then they’re sent to sit with their parents… but this was a new all-school format…

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Notice he’s had to move closer to the teacher… and he doesn’t appreciate the recorder music of his schoolmates!

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He sits through the bluegrass band, the square dancing, the middle school band, the elementary band, the high school choir (joined by teachers and younger students to actually make a choir) and the Virginia Reel.

Even Lorelei with us in the bleachers has to be entertained by some unflattering selfies…

selfieWhen they’re finally lined up to perform, Quinlan ad libs a little dancing routine himself!

dancingHe had already told the teacher he was ready to just go sit with his grandparents… She managed to get him to sit next to her and hold onto this Special Piece of Paper With Both Hands.  Special Helper is a Quinlan type of job.

They made it through the program!  It was an entertaining one, in more ways than one!

Then the best part…

[easy-image-collage id=16398]

Well, for some people!


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  1. I get such a big kick out of seeing kids school programs! They are always fun to watch and you never know what to expect from them! Hee Hee

  2. These Christmas Plays/Programs are what Christmas is all about. Didn’t get to the actual performance but on Friday, after watching E2&3 of S4 Longmire, (what an ending to E3!!!) I sat through the DVDs of the 4 year old – an angel, and the 8 year old – chorus singer school plays. Excellent work from staff and kids. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  3. Must be my computer, but only got a couple of the pictures. Darn. Love the kids programs. There is always one young guy who doesn’t enjoy being there. So glad it was yours. What GREAT memories to share with him when he is older.

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