Winter Watercolor

Today we shared gifts at the library… My favorite to give???

A monochrome watercolor of this sod roofed barn.

gossensI wanted a place unique enough the owner could recognize it, and this was perfect!

My rendition was not… but I tried!

watercolorA little artistic license… but not bad.


On another note… I entered a photo contest.  Well, it’s more like a popularity contest, because I need votes… and I really wouldn’t ask, but, hey, they choose random winners from the voters too, so there’s a chance you could win a prize too!  And who doesn’t need another Christmas present???  You can vote DAILY through December 29 right HERE.  The theme is Cowboy Christmas, and my photo is one of a Wyoming Santa giving a treat to his horse.  If you feel generous, and a tad bit selfish, too, if you want to win a prize, please vote HERE.  Thanks!


Winter Watercolor — 11 Comments

  1. Got it to work. Very pleased to see Wyoming Santa in the lead, and by a pretty good margin at this point. My other favorites are also in the top 5 and that gives me a sigh of satisfaction.

    Best wishes to all for peaceful holidays.

  2. Lovely painting Carol. Well I have about 20 mins before family arrive so sitting with cup of coffee and listening to Third Day’s Christmas Offereing. LOVE their version of Holy Night. Happy Christmas Carol to you, your family and your blog followers. May you all be blessed this Christmas and throughout 2016. No snow here. Sadly lots of rain in the north west. Some people flooded for the third time this month. If you have snow would love a photo as 4 year old GD cannot remember what snow is!!!!

  3. I can’t find a way to vote. It says “click on favorite photo below” but there are is no copy of the images “below.” I thought there might be a thumbnail gallery where I could connect to the voting process. And there are no hyperlinks in the featured photos. My browser is Firefox – do I need a different one?

    I actually like your photo the best, but gotta admit – if yours was not included, I would have a hard time deciding among several others.

    • I couldn’t get it to work on my ipad correctly, but my desktop brought it up fine. There should be a gallery that you can scroll through, and I use Firefox. Thanks for trying to vote… I sure appreciate it!

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