Great Deal

getting warmAnother visit with the Man in Red.  Neither Lacee nor Jaxon was going to get very close.  While Lacee was working up her courage, Jaxon was in my lap sobbing.  Poor little guy.  He’d been so excited to see Santa, but the actual face to face was just too much.

Good ol’ Santa, though… he has candy and cool books and Christmas lights!

closerNo one ever got enough courage to actually sit on his lap… but after an hour of cajoling, we ended up with this…

familyand this should count for a Great Deal!!!!


On another note… I entered a photo contest.  Well, it’s more like a popularity contest, because I need votes… and I really wouldn’t ask, but, hey, they choose random winners from the voters too, so there’s a chance you could win a prize too!  And who doesn’t need another Christmas present???  You can vote DAILY through December 29 right HERE.  The theme is Cowboy Christmas, and my photo is one of a Wyoming Santa giving a treat to his horse.  If you feel generous, and a tad bit selfish, too, if you want to win a prize, please vote HERE.  Thanks!


Happy Christmas Eve, everyone!


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