Show Stealer

The point of my hike today was to take pictures of some snow for one of my readers… one who lives across The Pond, and whose 4 year old granddaughter has forgotten what snow is!!!  I think I will get 4 year old Quinlan, who received a “Super Duper Sled” for Christmas, to pose for me tomorrow… (and sorry about all the rain and flooding in England…)  Part of that, is although I took lots of photos today, only this one had any amount of snow in it!

creeksideI was slow moving… and the dogs decided to wait for me at the edge of a bank.

English Shepherds plus Red Dirt.  Sounds like a photo shoot to me!

girlsEdenpairI do believe Eden stole the show.


In case you’re still in the giving and receiving mood… If you vote for my “Cowboy Christmas” photo over at Beef Magazine, you’ll be in the running to receive a gift yourself!  Just follow the link, find my “Wyoming Santa” black and white of Cowboy Santa giving a treat to his horse, and click on it!  Easy peasy.  And thanks!  (You can vote daily until 8 am December 30)


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  1. Thanks Carol. Will be visiting the 4 year old tomorrow. She will enjoy the dogs and snow photos. Pen pal in Iowa is preparing for a winter storm so we will be checking on the snow there as well. Dry here today. Lovely sunrise. More rain for the north later in week 🙁

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