A Little Care

Well, the grandsons didn’t make it back in time to go sledding… so I’ll share a few presents.

Here’s Johnny’s watercolor I painted of this scene…

XXXX watercolorYeah, well… morepractice, morepractice!

Here’s a couple I received…

This one is a vintage pillow, you can see the pattern underneath where they stitched.

Christmas pillowThe light is off a bit, since I took it at night…

pillow closeupIt’s perfect for me and I love it!  Thanks, KJ!

Then there’s this…

A while ago, a friend asked if there were any old oil cans around this place… well, we went on an expedition and I found the most disgusting oily, dirty, greasy can hanging in a shop.  It was icky.  You didn’t even want to touch it.

This Christmas it returned as a vintage COPPER swivel spout decorative oil can wearing some pretty greenery for the season!  Amazing what a little love and care can do…  Thanks, MJ!

swivel spout oil can


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  2. You are getting so much better. WOW!! Proud of your success. Love the pillow. Great job on the oil can. Special memories. Contest link???

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