A tip of my hat to all of you who voted for me… I won the photo contest!!!  I will receive a new custom hat from Greeley Hat Works in Colorado.  Thanks for your votes and time…

wyoming santa

The voters who also won prizes are Dave Lewis, Jan Chaney and Kelsey Keith.

A side note:  Second place went to Gwen Shepperson who ranches over on the other side of the mountain… and who raises Blue Heelers… and whose children are students of my daughter…  Is this a small world or what???


Goodbye to 2015, and hello 2016!!!  Tomorrow, I’ll recap the year!

Thank you, readers, for a wonderful year of blogging!


Winners — 5 Comments

  1. Well deserved for your photo! And also great blogs sharing your interesting life with us. Wishing you and all of your family a wonderful and healthy, Happy New Year of 2016! And Happy Birthday to Vernon also.

  2. Congratulations Carol and Happy New Year!! Thanks for your time and sharing such wonderful stories and pictures and your love shines through all of it!!

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