Top Five Videos of 2015

Amazingly enough, I only posted 12 videos last  year.  One doesn’t even really count as it was just my first time lapse with my GoPro.  I know I took lots of video, but I evidently didn’t get my act together very often to make movies… perhaps I’ll try to do better this year!!!

Obviously, my number one video is going to go with my number one post that I talked about yesterday.  It is “To the Rescue”, the one about the two bucks with their antlers locked.  The video garnered 4,600 views and can be found here.  Rather than repeat it, I took the five videos below it for my top five.

5.  Minute Movie: The Sorting Grounds – This process is repeated throughout the year, sorting our cows and calves from our neighbors’, as is the instance here… and sorting certain pairs to send to separate pastures.  This can be a tricky procedure.  Get guys who don’t know brands or cattle or know how to watch other cowboys and see what they’re doing… it can get ugly fast.  Here a neighbor and Daniel work some pairs out.  The big baldy is ours, see the A-A? She goes into a different pen than the second pair out that belongs to a neighbor.  It’s mass organized confusion… and a pretty dance when it works right.

4.  Minute Movie: Joy – Some newborn calves enjoy life.  What more can I say?  Cuteness overload?  I love calving season?  Look how well they run and they’re probably less than 12 hours old!!!  Everyone, all together now…. AAAAAAWWWWWWWWW!

3. Minute Movie: Swish, Dally – Dally makes a quick run out, kicking back a cow who wants to come down the hill.  We’re busy gathering everyone up, so she needs to go back up hill.  On her return, I thought Dally might have pulled a muscle, and I called her old and fat.  Sorry if that offends you, but I’d pull a muscle if I ran out like that because I’m old and fat, too.  And I’d laugh.  The dog doesn’t get special treatment.  Besides, it ended up that she stepped on a cactus.  She’s fine.

2. Minute Movie:Snow Day  – Taken in February, it’s a quiet video as my dogs explore some fresh deep snow.  If your dogs have never experienced snow… show them what they’re missing!!!  Evidently, there’s quite a bit of great smells under there!

  1. Eden:Bog Dog is the number one slot… best video of the year behind two unfortunate bucks… a short video with lots of action… no quiet, low-stress stuff here.  After hiking up the mountain, the cool creek and grass are too tempting for our cows.  They’re ready to stop and drink and eat on our neighbor’s land.  It’s only a half mile to our pasture with our own grass and water, so we whoop and holler and sic the dogs on the cows.  This entire area is a bog, so we can’t ride our horses out to pressure the cattle.  While cattle might walk through a deep bog without a thought, horses panic, and a wreck can ensue.  I’m on foot and about lose my footing out there.  We’re happy to have dogs right here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my videos… I’ll really try for more!


Top Five Videos of 2015 — 5 Comments

  1. Forgot to say I enjoyed seeing all the videos again, especially the kids frolicking in and exploring the deep snow, just brings a smile to my face.

  2. I think it was your, how can I put it politely, shouting instructions that actually moved the cattle forward not Eden’s excellent roundup skills. Keep up the good “yelling” Carol.

  3. So fun. Thank You!!!! I JUST finished getting a new set of twins to find the milk in mom, not the bottle. It is a special joy of me. Of course, not for the rancher. teee hee Took two days, but all is well now.

  4. Thanks Carol. Have just enjoyed watching these again as the sun rises in the east on yet another damp and wet Monday. The snow video will be shown to the 4yr old GD when I visit later in week.

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