Sad Tales and Shopping

I tagged along with Vernon while he hauled some calves to Riverton, Wyoming to the sale barn.  The sale is tomorrow, so there’s no pictures of that.

riverton saleMy thought was basically to hit Linton’s, which is a farm and ranch store… and Walmart.

If you follow Red Dirt on Facebook, you might have seen my laments from New Year’s Day.  It was a sad tale of bad luck…

I had five frozen eggs in my chicken coop (my fault for not collecting them the night before).

I had to “steal” blackeyed peas from my sister’s root cellar stash, because, for some reason, I didn’t check to make sure I had some on hand for New Year’s supper.  Hopefully, theft didn’t block the “good luck” they are supposed to bring.

When I got back to my house, I was locked out.  Thankfully, I have a seldom used front door… which actually opened.  Sometimes it doesn’t like to.

I found the top to my brand-new Celtic design pocket watch popped off on my couch.  That Christmas present lasted a week… boohooooooo…

Then while making Vernon’s birthday cake… my old mixer grinds, then POP.  Dead mixer.

Later while making meatloaf, I managed to spill hamburger blood all down a good tshirt.  This is why I shouldn’t cook in good clothes.

Also broke a nice little chopper I bought at a garage sale this summer…

Anyway… At Walmart I was hoping to buy a new hand mixer… maybe a new chopper.  What I found made me decide that no one really cooks in Riverton, Wyoming anymore.  Three very cheap hand mixers… no choppers.  No wall magnets for hanging your knives.  No bamboo place mats (not that I want them for cooking, but I figured they might have them!)  Some Ninja blenders, but not the little one I was going to look at.  And I forgot to look for blackeyed peas to pay my sister’s stash back…

Oh, the fancy tabletop Kitchen Aid pro mixers??? $450!  Holy COW!  That makes my 34 year old Oster Kitchen Center mixer look pretty nice still, even though I need to track down a new large bowl on ebay.

I imagine it will be back to Amazon for me…  continuing adventures in shopping in Wyoming…



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  1. YIKES! Sure glad that day is over. I work at a great thrift store. Saw a mixer bowl. Will check if it will work. It probably will cost me $.40. So not expense to send to you.

  2. So you have used up your allotment of bad luck in the first few days of 2016. Sunshine and happiness to follow. Maybe a shopping trip to Billings or Casper in the near future ? Hope your calves got a good price.

  3. Very bad, awful, terrible day…ever read that Children’s book? And even after those black-eyed peas! About the shirt…we used to wear aprons with bibs, but not any more and I don’t know why. Maybe we are in too big of a hurry even though we have the technology at our disposal which should save time but never-the-less, we seem to be just as busy! Maybe it just allows us to crowd more into a day?

    • I have a few old aprons… I usually pull them out if I’m cooking all day, but maybe I should just hang one where it’s handy!

  4. Have you ever had a bear tear into your chicken house? That’s what happened here last night, and it ticked me off, along with scaring me half to death. Can’t say I’ve ever yelled at a bear four feet away from me before, but it had a chicken… I heard it brush against the patio door that’s six or seven feet from where I sit. I knew it sounded like hair against the house, or window, but didn’t see anything when I shone a light out. Then I kept hearing sounds outside and didn’t know whether to investigate, or stay inside. Once I heard a chicken squawk though, I couldn’t stay in. I opened the door to have a bear run up in front of me and on by with the chicken. At that point I was more mad than scared and yelled at it til it was gone out of sight. Then (knowing it had a chicken to eat, and was busy) I went to look at the coop. It had climbed on top of the wired in small run and torn off the top of the wall by a window covered with chicken wire. I don’t know how long it was out there messing around, but there are bags of chicken house cleanings strewn quite a ways. I’m ready to shoot it myself, but really don’t know if I have the skills. :/ So far it only got one hen…. so far. My sister and I will have to try fortify things today. I’m sure he’ll be back. Guess it’s been too warm for him to stay holed up. Ugh!

      • I learned that it doesn’t get cold enough for bears to hibernate here. :/ Apparently this one’s been a nuisance to more than us. He probably won’t forget where he’s gotten food, but I guess there’s a faint hope I scared him enough to make him hesitate to come back. It’s unfortunate that though the chicken house is a straight shot and not too far from my front door, I couldn’t shoot from here, because there are neighbors beyond in that direction. I’d never even seen a bear in the wild before, though I’d seen sign. This one was only four or five feet from me when it ran by my door. I now have an air horn and a motion light on the chicken house. My sister put up a trail cam, but apparently the camera no longer works after being out in the heat too much in the summer.

  5. I worked in Lander for 3 weeks last year and was never a fan of anything in Riverton. If I needed something, I made the drive to Casper. But if you’re there…well, guess you gotta check it out!

  6. Why were the hens not sitting on the eggs? Were they too busy eating? Do they know those aren’t fertile eggs? )They weren’t, were they.) Can you tell these are the questions of a city girl?
    Love your blog! And Happy New Year. Hope things get much better.

  7. Love the view from your car/truck window. Sorry about the shopping. If you had a Marks and Spencer store nearby, I could understand no one cooking. They have a wonderful range of food you just need to heat up, which is great when short of time, but takes the joy, sweat and tears out of cooking. And there is no mixer beater to lick the cake or cream mixture when no one is looking!!!!

  8. FYI: I always check Cooks Illustrated before I buy any kitchen gadget. For hand mixers this is the top rated:
    KitchenAid KHM512ER 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer:

    Second place best buy:
    Cuisinart CHM-3 Electronic Hand Mixer 3-Speed

    Hubby got me: Cuisinart Power Advantage 7-Speed Hand Mixer ( and I have to say I hate it….. go with the kitchen aid one in my opinion. They last a long time.

    And eat MORE PEAS…. sounds like your low on luck right now.

    • Thanks for the help!!! I appreciate it. I was hoping Walmart would have one of those… but they had a Black and Decker, a Proctor Silex, and a Hamilton Beach. My microwave is a HB, and it’s worthless. I may have fallen for the B&D, but it was black and I want white… this confirms my desire for a GOOD hand mixer.

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