Chopping Ice

Even though my plan was to finally take down Christmas decorations, when Vernon said it was our day to go to the hills… I jumped at the chance.  It seems like these chore days have been falling on library work days, or cooking days, or what-ever-needed-to-be-done days.  Before long, we will bring these cows in, and the daily trips to chop ice in the water tanks will be over as well. We rotate with the other ranchers that run cows out there, so everyone only has to do it every 4th day.

If you bought a Red Dirt calendar, the pic I took last year in January doing the same thing, made Brandon Mr. January.  Well, he reprised his role!  He tried to tell me I had already taken this picture, but… I took it again anyway.  It definitely wasn’t as cold this time around!

iceNevertheless, do note that the ice he has chopped and is throwing out of this water tank is 2″ thick!  That’s just formed overnight…

iceWe also throw out some protein blocks… a little extra treat.

protein blocksThere is plenty of grass around, but who doesn’t like a little extra sometimes?  Just look at ’em.  They’re slick and shiny and black and healthy!  While some ranchers are getting bad press, please remember that 99.9% of us are just doing what we do… taking care of the cattle and the land and feeding this nation.  If someone you know doubts that?  Just send them here… hopefully, they’ll read and understand.



Speaking of which… let’s do a Q&A!  It’s time!  While I don’t do controversy here, any legitimate questions will be answered.  Post ’em, and we’ll all see the answers in a few days!  Ready?  Go!


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  1. Can you explain how the water is delivered to the water tanks? Does it come from a well or a bigger reserve tank? How do you keep the delivery system from freezing?Thank you.

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