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I looked for something the other day… it wasn’t there… Just a gorgeous blue sky and our signature “gun sight” cliff.  I love this view, by the way… (any questions on why I call myself “Rimrock English Shepherds”?)

rimrockBut on the way home… There they were.  Three of them.  With a fourth gliding the thermals.  It’s hard to believe some people have never seen eagles… They love our rimrock!

eaglesDoes this help?


Cool.  I have a couple of questions for the next Q&A session.  Any more out there?


Rimrock Love — 4 Comments

  1. My question. Is it possibly to give an overview of the life of your calves. From birth do you keep them all or are some sold as calves rather than adult cows. How long do you keep the adults. Thanks Carol.

  2. Hi Carol,

    Happy New Year. My questions are:

    Is there open water nearby where the eagles can fish?

    What function does the grate over the water trough serve?


  3. Are you going to breed Eden this year? With Lucas? Did you see those eagles soaring and follow them (with your eye) to where they landed?

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