From Stuff to Dog Bed

There may be a few people who wonder why I keep stuff… Vernon included… I mean look at these outdoor cushions!

cushionsRescued barely in time from Eden’s puppy teeth!  Yes, I did throw the others away!  These have been sitting in a sack, along with that worn out blanket.  Today, I joined them together.

baseNot pretty… simply overlapped to accommodate the curve of the blanket edge, and folded like on envelope on the lower side so it can be removed and washed.  I did throw the rest of the blanket away too…

But that’s not going to be enough… so I went to my fabric storage, actually looking for some fleece.  But when I spotted some leftover curtains from my mud room, I knew it was the perfect material.

curtainLined.  Tough, tight woven material.  The perfect size, too!  How did THAT  work out?  I cut off the top with the grommets where the yardstick is laying.  I simply sewed the sides and again, just overlapped so that it can be removed for washing.

Ta da!

I left for a minute.  And returned to this!

EdenEden had found it in no time… Doesn’t she look guilty?  That’s all well and good, but this is who I made it for…

LucasI think he needs a bigger bed… !

And… that’s why I save “stuff”… I have PLANS!  And sometimes I actually execute those plans!!!


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From Stuff to Dog Bed — 22 Comments

  1. Much softer than the tile floor for those tired and aching bones.

    Those dogs are so intuitive to know it was for them. That’s great reuse of what would be thought of as throw-away items.

  2. My dogs sleep on a homemade mattress with a removable cover that can be washed. The mattress is made from denim, filled with cedar shavings. About once a year I rip the mattress open, dump out the old shavings, wash the mattress and then fill with new shavings. The covers are made from scraps of durable cottons that will stand up to frequent washings. Oh what would we do without those stashes of things that can be recycled?

  3. I can so relate to saving things to re-use for something else. I often get complaints from my husband and daughters about it, but that’s what I learned from my parents who both grew up without much on homesteads in NE New Mexico. It was “I better save this, cause I can use it for something later!” Many times I have used it, but most of the time these days I can’t find it because I have so much stuff around, or I can’t remember where it is in all of the “stuff” around! Uh oh! LOL

  4. When I downsized to a smaller apartment, I got rid of a lot of stuff. There isn’t a day goes by that I don’t wish I had something I tossed!

  5. Reduce, reuse, recycle are great values. Figuring out how to solve a problem with materials on hand is a creative way to live. Hearing about other people’s projects is inspiring. Well done. And it’s so satisfying when an idea works out.

  6. I’m back after many weeks of faithfully reading all the ranch news and holiday fun…noticed you have a new reader named, Marilyn M. I think? So, I’ll use the “O” when I comment! Nice job on the dog bed for Lucas/Eden! Nice and comfy after a day of ranch work!

    I have been enjoying my new ES puppy, Sandy. She is now 18 weeks old…a beautiful clear sable and white ES. Keeping me very busy and I love it. Did you get the pics I sent to your email?

  7. @There may be a few people who wonder why I keep stuff… Vernon included

    Well, I would certainly keep Vernon, if he were mine!

    It is nice to “know” someone who occasionally does something with things saved for a project – someday. I don’t think there’s much hope for me, though. The project most in need of doing around here is unloading some of the stuff put aside for a project – someday.

  8. Mm mm I do the same thing a lot but I have to purge things occasionally and always look for what I threw away for a project that it was just right for!

  9. Ohhh, so I’m not the only one who keeps stuff!!!! Keep trying to toss some of it out and yes sometimes I do. Curtains that were in a bedroom when kids were at college have visited their ‘left home’ homes only to return to me. I made then so I’m somewhat attached. But, the linings had gone into holes. So the linings have gone into the rag bag, but the actual curtains, lovely floral pattern, cotton fabric – well they are still with me and hopefully will be made into a quillow for the garden seat. Roll on summer.

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