Done With That Chore

Today was a repeat of yesterday… except this time, we vaccinated heifers.  Remember, heifers are our young two year old cows that haven’t had a calf yet.  These will be the ones we will watch over very closely… doing 4 hour checks throughout the day and night.

Of course, there aren’t as many as yesterday, so the job went much faster.  Before I knew it, the boys were finishing up by giving some heifers new eartags since they’d lost their first ones…

eartagDaniel doublechecks the ear tattoo…

eartagThen Brandon clips an new one in… Those are important numbers, so we have to keep them correct and straight!

Then it’s off to the School Section…

dogsDaniel and Tuff… Brandon and Gemma…

Me and Eden!

selfieThrow the girls some hay… and we’re done with that chore!




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Done With That Chore — 5 Comments

  1. I can just about feel the cold in those pictures… brrr! I guess there are puddles in evidence too though, so perhaps it’s not as cold as it looks.

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