Nowood Creek Ice Puzzle

We have received NO new snow in the past week.  It’s actually been fairly nice, with temps wandering up into the low 40˚s.  The sun warms it up quite nice and the wind has been nonexistent or just a slight breeze.  Now, if it can hold on through calving season… ha!

We would have actually taken some snow, but I guess all you east coasters wanted it, right?

It *is* still winter… and this photo proves it!

I made it into a nice little puzzle for you… and added the ghost of the image to help you along…

Nowood Creek Ice:



Nowood Creek Ice Puzzle — 4 Comments

  1. Ha!!! We seem to have your WY wind in the remains of storm Jonas, but with rain and not snow. That we can be thankful for, but those who were flooded at Christmas in the north west may get more today:-( Enjoy your weather while it lasts. As you say it is still winter.

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