Here’s Your Sign

Lookie, lookie!

Brandon gave me this sign… and we hung it on the kennel door.

kennel signHe cut  it out of steel and gave it little hangers to bend over the wire.  Originally, I think we planned for a portable kennel door, but since it doesn’t get used much, if at all… we put it here.

kennel signLucas spends some time here when the girls are in heat…

I love it!  Now, I could also see a Rimrock English Shepherds sign as well… or Dally… or Eden!  😉

If he had the time, I bet he could make and sell these…

kennel signI can see them on yard gates, fences, or even (sadly) as grave markers.

I think it’s AMAZING!  A big shout out to Brandon.   GOOD JOB!


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