Adventure Dog

Every day is a New Adventure.

I heard barking.  I whistled.  Lucas looked at me and followed me to the chicken coop, but the girls were AWOL.  I fed and watered the chickens, still hearing barking in the distance.

It sounded like they were in the brush patch below Brandon’s house.  Who knows?  Skunk?  Coon?  Cat?

I yelled.

The barking continued.

It was a perfectly gorgeous day, so I headed towards Brandon’s, enjoying my walk in the sunshine.  Halfway there, by the barn, Eden met me with a joyful, so-happy-to-see-you shake.  She then ran off, returned to me, wiggled and spun, and was off again.

If I didn’t know better, she was doing a good interpretation of Lassie’s Timmy’s-in-the-well!

Dally continued to bark and as I passed the sawmill, I realized she wasn’t in the brush patch, but rather the wood shed where the rough cut lumber is stacked.  A few more steps, and there she was.

stuck dogShe was barking!

And she was stuck!

The boards are stacked between uprights, keeping them straight.  Dally had somehow climbed onto the stack, then fallen down into the center partition.  With the uprights, only her head would fit through, her body couldn’t squish through!  She was thrilled to see me, and ready to GET OUT.

As I crawled up on the stacked boards, I heard a little mewing and realized why the dogs were willing to climb and balance on the boards.  My cat must be in the rafters.  Dally no longer cared about chasing a stupid cat, GET ME OUT!

stuck dogShe was NOT a Happy Camper.

I, however, was giggling and taking pictures.  She wasn’t hurt, and as I surveyed the situation, my first thought was about Winnie the Pooh getting stuck in Rabbit’s front door.  Christopher Robin and crew just waited for Pooh to lose weight to pull him out the door!  I could try *that* technique.

Oh, give me a break… I’m KIDDING.

Obviously, she needed raised up a few inches.  I laid a board at an angle underneath her, raising her a few more inches so I could grab hold and PULL without toppling in headfirst myself!  She was sooooo ready for help, she didn’t mind me yanking her out.  It would have been easier if she had on a collar, but she only wears them on occasion.  Long fur *can* be useful.

After peeing… she turned into that elusive Happy Camper and was Very Grateful!

All I could do was laugh.

What adventure will we have next?


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