Soldier On

Day Three of my “Let’s Create” Challenge:

Vernon is in bed.

I gather my watercolor palette, paper, brushes, and a small container of water.  Sitting on my couch… I choose a photo to paint from my ipad collection.  Today, it’s going to be my rooster, Spot.  He’s actually nice, and photogenic!

I’m trying to soften my watercolors, trying to back off from detail.  While I absolutely LOVE detailed watercolor, I accept that maybe *I* should head in a different direction!  It’s always been the softness, the gentle blending of colors that has drawn me to watercolors… so I wet the paper thoroughly, and begin.  Whoops.  It doesn’t take long before I’m out of control!  Too much water!  Setting everything aside, I get up to grab a kleenex from a nearby table.

I sit back down ON THE EDGE OF MY PALETTE.  Paint, water, brushes go flying.  I’ve water seeping under my thighs and down my legs.  For heaven’s sake!  When I stood up I was thinner evidently than when I sat back down. Now I’m up again, running for a towel, pouring excess water from my palette into the sink, doing a very fine and sophisticated blending of colors.

Oh. My.  Word.

Maybe painting on the couch while watching Monarch of the Glen is NOT the recommended strategy for aspiring artistes!

Ready to stop this month long challenge???

Heavens, no.

Just grab a towel and soldier on!




Soldier On — 6 Comments

  1. Much much chuckling…….. I have acted out basically the same scene a couple of times already myself. Not a good thing for a front room “studio” but this house is for living in……..

  2. You got a nice soft look in this painting. The background is beautiful! I am also inspired to get back to my watercolors. Thank you for the incentive!!

  3. These paintings are wonderful! I picture them framed and grouped together in my bathroom! I wish I could paint…My talents are in music, so at least I am not totally without talent, but that rooster calls to me and I wish I could do stuff like that too! I think I would paint greeting cards. (Oh my! Greet Greeting Cards!! Perfect!)

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