It was a lovely day, warm, sunny… but I was quickly reminded after I walked outside in my cowboy boots, that warm sunny days just make snow into mush and/or ice… either way, SLICK.  It’s much like March…

Vernon had to go to town…

Awwwwww, look!

He can be a sweetie!


I regret not throwing my camera in my pocket when I went outside for a turn… I witnessed Spot, my rooster, trying to walk on top of the snow.  Yesterday it was still firm enough to walk on, but he found out that today the snow was soft and even with his just his weight, not strong enough to hold him up.  There’s nothing like a frustrated rooster as he staggers through snow, alternately falling through and then walking on top for a few frozen paces.  He was quite affronted at the process.  Finally he flew the last 10 feet to “solid” ground, all in a fluff and kerfluffle, with a loud squawk.  Once feathers were in place, he raised his head and gave a rousing cock a doodle just to reestablish his dignity.  Oh, Spot, you are entertaining!

I finished my challenge painting from yesterday…

Indian paintbrush


Entertainer — 12 Comments

  1. How nice that you got flowers for Valentine’s Day. Funny story about Spot. I really like the painting of the flowers today. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lovely flowers. I actually said, “Awwwww…”.
    I like your painting. It will be very versatile framed. Do you need me to send you my mailing address so you will know where to ship it too? 😉

  3. I had noticed that your temps were in the 50s and thought ‘how nice’ forgetting about the snow/slush/mud on the ground. Love the painting on the Library door and your flowers from yesterday. What a gorgeous bunch of flowers you had. Flowers inside always hint that Spring is around the corner. Enjoy looking at them.

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