That Was That

On our walk, the dogs found Something.  A very, very, bad Something.  It was worth barkbarkbarkbarkbarkbarkBARK!

I yelled.

I whistled.


I was two fences and a creek crossing away, so I yelled.  I whistled.

Suddenly.  Silence.

I yelled.  I whistled.

In a flash Eden was on her way back, followed by Dally, both stopping to get a big drink in the creek.  Lucas?????  Yup.  Here he came.  Hopskip.  Hopskip.

The girls got their treat, but Lucas stayed on the other side of the creek.  We continued our walk.  We all met up.  Hiked and stretched our legs and crossed the board bridge to home.  There was Vernon.  A chat.  Lucas was rubbing his nose.  More chatting.  I went to the house.  Lucas came inside and rubbed his nose.  Finally, I got the hint and walked up closely to him…

It wasn’t his NOSE, it was his EYE.  His inner eyelid was ripped, though attached at one end, and floating periodically up into his eye.  Rub. Rub.  No marks on his outer eyelid.  His eye looked ok.

Therefore, we had a visit to the Good Doctor today.

And it simply AMAZES me.  The Good Doctor squirts some lidocaine in the eye.  Visits with us a while, talking cow prices.  I have Lucas on his side, petting him, and the Good Doctor opens Lucas’ eye, grabs the end of the ripped eyelid, and cuts it.  Not quite enough… and he has to do it some more.  A few times Lucas tries to paw at his eye, or lift his head, but he finally shoves his nose under my arm… and takes whatever the Good Doctor has to do to him.  A smear of salve and we’re done.

Now, should Lucas have fled or fought?  How does he have the confidence in the Good Doctor to let him TOUCH HIS EYE, for heaven’s sake, trying to capture the end of that eyelid.  I know of some humans that wouldn’t stand for that!  But the Good Doctor simply moved in, with confidence, and was done in a few minutes.  Lucas was shaking at first, but soon settled, and that, as they say, was that.

I don’t know which one is more my hero… Lucas for being a Good Dog, or S., for being a Good Doctor.



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  1. Such a good dog, such a Good Doctor, and such a good outcome! I am so thankful. And also such a good “Mom/Master” of poor Lucas, who takes such good care of him. Blessings to all of you!

  2. Some vets are knowledgeable, some are good and a few are GREAT, understanding, awesome vets. I’m so happy Lucas has a GREAT one. Lucas knows the difference.

  3. A vet you can trust is a wonderful thing, and as important one that the animal trusts ! Most small animal vets know they are taking care of our family members. Lucas might think twice about ever going around another what ever that was that got hold of him. He’s a very pretty dog.

  4. Aren’t vets amazing? A quick look, knows what has to be done, how to prepare, and does it. I’m sure the confidence helps the patient’s trust, but working on his EYE with a SHARP instrument. I not sure I could let someone do that to me. Brave Lucas. Good dogie. Lucas, my hero.

  5. I had a few moments kid free today and stopped at a coffee shop to get some blog work done. As I read this post I exclaimed and covered my mouth…people are now looking at me like I’m crazy 😉 I’m so glad he’s OK, and what would we do without our trusty vets? Must be the month for mishaps. We had a cat mauled be a neighbors dog last week. It was touch and go on whether he would walk or not but now thanks to some good care it looks like all that will happen is a bobbed tail 🙂
    Prairie Wife recently posted…Embrace the Chaos #giveawayMy Profile

    • “It’s just that crazy blogger lady again…” 😉 This vet is so special to us! Sorry about your cat, and, hey, that tail wasn’t necessary anyway!give it a scritch from me…

  6. Bravo, Lucas The Precious! Bravo, the Good Doctor; I fully get why you call him the Good Doctor, Carol, and so does Lucas, I think. Get well, Lucas, gute Besserung! 🙂

  7. Good boy, Lucas! Here’s to mature, well-behaved doggies! (His brother got kudos for good behavior at the vet’s office last month too.)

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