En Polar Air

“En plein air”

Used to describe painting outdoors.

Easy enough.  Find a scene.

paint sceneGather your canvas and paints (and dog) and have a seat!

suppliesAbout that “have a seat” part?  Please notice the snow.  In the shade.  Under the rock.  That should have given me the clue, that when I sat down on said rock, that it might be a tad chilly.  Tipped to the north, this rock hasn’t yet SEEN the warmth of the sun.  That means that “en plein air” felt more like “in polar air”.

The only thing that kept me from freezing to that boulder was me jumping up and down to rinse my brush off in the creek!

I should have packed a heater, or a sit-upon, or a thick wool blanket.

I spent 10 minutes “en plein air”.

I am NOT that tough, or that immune to frigid seating.  Although the layer of fat in, errrr…. “appropriate places” should provide enough insulation, let me confirm that it, in fact, did NOT.

Moments later, we were hiking up that hill, trying to get some circulation back.

I took a photo… perhaps it will be finished under studio lighting????




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  1. Ahh yes. This is a lesson I learnt while travelling by train. If you want to sit on the cold wooden bench whilst waiting for the train, where a long coat that will give extra padding to ‘that’ area. Looking forward to seeing the finished painting.

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