Meet Jekyll

You remember Daniel’s dog, Tuff?


Well, a few months ago he went AWOL while up here… He was found in a rather embarrassing situation at the neighbor’s place…

And now?  Now, Brandon has his own little Tuff.  He’s named him Jekyll.

JekyllHe’s much like his daddy… friendly… CHUNKY…

Jekyll weldingAnd he is learning quickly how to stay with Brandon!

“Why Jekyll?” I asked.

“It just popped into my head!  and I think it will be very funny if I yell, HYDE! when I sic him on cows!!!”

Oh, Brandon!

You have a gorgeous puppy!




Meet Jekyll — 12 Comments

  1. That most irresistible PCF (Puppy Cuteness Factor)…
    And your son’s sense of humor isn’t bad either!
    Thanks for the “awww” and the “lol” 😉
    Oh, by the way, did your horses puzzle yesterday; good fun, great photo – thanks for that, too!

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