Old Times

Calves keep coming along steadily.  There hasn’t been a BIG BUSY DAY.  In fact, you know how I’ve told you in the past, how we get them in the corral, so we can keep a good eye on them and get them in to have their calves in a nice warm area?  We still haven’t done that.  The ground is so dry and the temperature so warm at night, with no big storms or unpleasantness, that they’ve been doing just great outside on their own.

That’s VERY nice.

We still check on them, but not in the corral.


Even more amazing?

Vernon is PLOWING  a field.  He started the other day.  In February.  PLOWING.  I hope you can hear the astonishment in my voice!

I don’t know what to do with myself.  Do yard work?  My winter crafts are not complete yet!  I almost worked my bees today, but decided it really was still too cold.  It was 55˚, so borderline, and I stopped.  Had they been flying though, I would have been in there!

Here’s an ancient video… just to remind you (and myself) of what Heifer Checking USUALLY  is about!  Ah, the Good Ol’ Days!

Heifers 3 from Carol Greet on Vimeo.


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  1. I am loving this weather…being able to run every week (even gettign two in last week) has been so good for my heart and soul. The Cowkids are outside making messing and my house is a bit cleaner as a result (let’s not talk about mud)I know we will pay for it with some killer Spring snow storms or a drought this Summer but I’m trying to just enjoy it while I can!
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  2. Great to hear your weather is so good for calving. Hope it stays that way for you all. We are due some snow over the next few days, mostly on high ground, but not good for the lambing season.

  3. Sounds like you both have a case of “Cabin Fever!” 🙂
    Do you still check on the cows and calves via the barn camera?

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