Squirt Guns in March

I think I may have done something today I have never done before on this date!  Since all seven of the cousins were here, we cooked hotdogs over the campfire and had new squirt gun fights!  (Not Matthew.  He’s still only 10 months old.  He can’t pull the trigger on a squirt gun yet!)

I know I keep saying it, but the weather is rather amazing…

I bought squirt guns in March…

Rhino rides with just a sweatshirt instead of a coat for warmth.

Cowboy boots instead of muck boots.

No long johns, Stormy Kromers, insulated gloves, or wild rag scarves.


refillDaniel helps refill squirt guns…


New Q&A session coming up… if you’ve got a question, now’s the time to post it!



Squirt Guns in March — 7 Comments

  1. Such fun! Hope you had plenty of food and drinks after the kids enjoyed each other and the “balmy” weather for March!

  2. Boy does Grandma ever have fun! You are so very blessed to have all seven there at once! We just got back from visiting ours in Oklahoma and haven’t seen the two in Texas for over a year! Could you say I’m jealous? I try not to be.

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