Family Birthday

We attended a birthday party for Johnny’s oldest brother today… George is now 102 years young.  It’s always a good time visiting with relatives and asking some clarification on family stories.

Plus there’s always the family photos…

George GreetThe original George Greet who immigrated to the U.S. in the 1880’s.  He began the ranch on Spring Creek.

Bartholomew HobackBartholomew Hoback, a Civil War veteran.

George & Marjorie“Our” George Greet as a youngster with baby sister, Marjorie, by his side.  Four more siblings would arrive in time.  Photo taken in 1917? 1918?.

3 greetsHere’s George today, with sister Mary and baby brother, John.

Happy, happy, happy birthday, George!

George Greet****

Any questions for my next Q&A session??? Post them in the comment section!


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