Slipper and Babies

I told myself to work on that video today… but instead I cleaned my house and actually cooked a decent meal and cleaned out the chicken coop and felted on a slipper.  Somehow, the video got lost in the process.

Here is my right slipper…

slipperIt needed just a bit more shrink at this point.. so I threw it in my washing machine!  I’m now wearing it… It shrank with more hot water and agitation, and I’m trying to let the wet wool takes its final shape while on my foot.

The left slipper is almost done as well.

I think I’ll like these!

calvesJust to make you say “Awww…”  Here are our heifers and their babies.  There are only 12 left to calve!  We’ve never had a calving season like this one!



Slipper and Babies — 5 Comments

  1. Beautiful picture of your cows. When you say “We’ve never had a calving season like this one” what do you mean? A mild winter so the new born calves don’t get frozen ? No problems with delivery, so no calf has to be pulled out by a man, or the vet has to be called ? Just curious.

  2. You are so clever and creative! I hope the slippers turn out great.
    Loved seeing the calves enjoying the meadow with their moms.

  3. what a good looking bunch of cows & calves… and your slippers will be so comfy and warm…. What a great job you did….

  4. AWWWW! Look at all the wee ones, and their moms so relaxed! I’m so glad the calves are getting a comfortable start into life this year – and glad for you, too, of course.
    Neat slipper!

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