I made a video, but it failed to upload, and although I told it to re-upload, it sure is taking its sweet time.

I worked at prepping for my baby chicks… Which is a mishmash of how about this? maybe that? here? there? Wha???????

I moved my chicken tractor out, planning to put it by the chicken coop and put the old birds in it somehow.


It has always needed a door on the bottom section, but I failed to have one in the design.  Could I get them to go to a new place?  If it was close enough?  It is an uneven area… I’d have to block it up or dig it down.  Then there’s that big pile of iron.  I’ve wanted that gone for YEARS… if I move it, would there be room in its place?


Without a real plan in mind, I just set to using the Rhino to tow the huge pieces of iron to the scrap pile.  It’s been my pet peeve since I moved here, that there’s junk around the edge of every little outbuilding.  I can’t mow, I can’t trim, because of rotten boards and random pieces of iron.

My back’s been giving me fits, so instead of lugging my usual loads, I made many lighter trips!  Finally, after hours, the spot is de-junked… and Vernon comes home for lunch and suggests maybe putting them in the coop with an extra secure pen, or in the garage, or in the wood shed in my yard.

Sigh.  Well…

I like the wood shed idea… so I switch gears, cleaning out a corner of the wood shed of my trash barrels, rearranging gardening supplies, building two walls, and lining the bottom with newspaper tin.  Come dark and a little more, I’m finally ready for babies.



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  1. And the junk is out of your way. So you really got a lot done. Baby chicks are so cute. Bet the grand girls get a real kick out of them this year.

  2. This was a great read. I always like your ingenuity! The new baby chicks are sure to cuddle into their new home sweet home. By the way, what is “newspaper tin” that you referred to?

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