Another snowy and stormy day at my house…


I unexpectedly ended up babysitting Jaxon and Lacee… but what a good day to snuggle in and make Easter nest cookies, right?  Plus have a pot of beans on the stove…

I was surprised that Vernon, too, hung around the house more than usual.  I mean, there wasn’t a TON of snow, but what about all those calves that might be born in this breezy, snowy, white out mess?  OK… maybe he was helping with the kids so I could make a double batch of cookies…

I eventually got around to asking how many calves he’d had down at the other place.  That’s when he told me that the four inches of snow here tapered off quickly with barely any snow at the home place… and nothing where the cows were.

So he wasn’t neglecting anything!

It made sense then.

And the cutest pic of the day?

Lacee hasn’t ever gone to sleep in anything but her crib… She wanted Jaxon to keep her company in my Indian room bed, so he crawled in to protect her like all good big brothers.  I stayed at my computer to start blogging, but 5 minutes later he told me to leave so they could go to sleep.

Well… they didn’t go to sleep very fast… but they eventually did.

When we checked on them later… Tess noticed they were holding hands!

How sweet is that????



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