Close-up and Often

The cutest little calf is a resident of our hay shed.


It’s mom has gone AWOL.

Vernon can’t figure out who its mom is… There’s no one bawling around like they lost their calf.  There’s no one with a tight bag wanting to feed a baby.  There’s no sign of anything that can help us ID the mom.


Chances are, his mom is a baldy cow… but they all have theirs.  If a baldy stole another’s calf, there still should be a momma looking for a baby.

We’re all confused, but as a result, we get to look at this cute face, close-up and often!



Close-up and Often — 18 Comments

  1. Agreed!!! Cute!!!
    I’m on pins and needles to learn the next chapter. Are you feeding him? Have you found his mom? Or a mom? Is he a twin?

  2. I’m a little late reading your blog today. After I ooh-ed and aah-ed all the pictures of this super cute calf, I read all the comments only to agree with them! I think he’s decided that he loves your hay shed. But I hope you find a Momma for him.

  3. So cute! I agree with the other comments about it possibly being a twin. We have had calves through the years that show up without mama. One year I watched a cow with her twins feed them both then walk away from one and never went back to it. Nature takes care of itself sometimes. Most mama’s cannot raise two.

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