OK.  I got it backwards.  I was supposed to take pics of the new chicks, NOT the calf.  I didn’t figure any of you would really argue with me when I took pics of the little cutie pie, but, hey, if you’re a chicken lover… sorry about this.

The little guy has been fed bottles… There was still no clue as far as his momma goes.  If he was a twin… he was a good sized twin… but, nevertheless, he needed a mom.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, we had another calf die.  It was a week old, seemingly healthy, and for some reason, it passed away.  That left a momma with no baby.

We did the Identity Theft procedure… and here he was this morning.

She looks a tad protective…

new mommaI could recognize those goggle eyes anywhere.

gogglesWith his new “jacket”…

calf graftWhat we like to see…

eating calfWay to go!



Stepmom — 7 Comments

  1. As much as I love chickens, I’d never complain about pictures of that adorable calf! I particularly like the second and last pictures.

  2. Ahh the sad and happy things in life. So glad new mama and calf have bonded. Looking forward to baby chick pictures soon.

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