Check Out the Chicks

chicksIt’s hard to get chicks in focus.

On the left is a 2 week old+ barred rock chick, on the right is one of my new brown leghorn chicks.

What a difference a couple of weeks makes!

chicksThey are twice the size of the babies.  Thankfully, they didn’t pick on them… or peck on them.

Same thing.

chicksThe little golden yellow chicks will be my New Hampshire Reds…

There ya have it… oh, baby!


Check Out the Chicks — 8 Comments

  1. I love the little yellow one. Will you post pictures as they grow and change– sort of a before, later, and after?

  2. It is amazing how fast they change at that age! The last picture looks like the little yellow fuzzball is being flanked and protected by her big dark guardians… lol

  3. Chicks look so cute… so glad you have them… and where did you get yours after the sad mail order situation? … I know they only have certain kinds at farm stores… Enjoy….

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