Welcome Home

A meadowlark seduces the stars and on the morning breeze, the glorious and unique song is brought forth… lighting the prairie in sparkles of notes.

The sandhill cranes’ delightful song is much like an appealing grating of slate.

Bluebirds twitter “truleee, truleee”.

Each their own sign of spring.

But until those large wings settle softly in the cottonwoods, and spread for warmth in morning sun, spring is evasive.

But they are here, and the grass is shooting skyward.

Welcome home, Cathartidae.



Welcome Home — 5 Comments

  1. There’s something interesting about welcoming vultures, although they are interesting and necessary. otherwise we’d be up to our necks in …..
    Great picture.

  2. It was bright and sunny this morning when a knock sounded on the front door. I answered and the birds were singing so loud in these old cottonwoods, I had trouble hearing the lady on the door step! It was, indeed, spring!

  3. Bird songs are truly wonderful. Ours started at 4:30am today. Still dark. Still wonderful. Spring is somewhere around.

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