I was sent to town today with some parts that needed the machine shop… it gave me the chance to wander around town, checking out some things just for fun…

I went to the bike shop… and test drove a Specialized Women’s bike… I liked it… the seat seamed comfy, it was more upright than my last bike so perhaps the burn between my shoulder blades won’t be so bad!  Twenty one speeds, kick stand, water bottle, and checkups… of course, much more expensive than the one on Amazon.

specbike copyThis is probably a close pic of it… although the ones in the store were a bit different and either a ghastly orange or lime green.  Ish.

The one I had decided on was the Merax bike.  It looks like an un-comfy seat, but the rest of it is very snazzy.

meraxbike copyCheaper.

You get what you pay for, but then again… $150 difference is $150!

I just can’t hardly get by the ugly colors of the other one!  I guess I could live with lime green…

Anyway, that was about the highlight of my afternoon.

The highlight of this morning?

Three sandhill cranes perched on a hill… see them?

sandhill cranesAnd this is why I have a good zoom on my camera…

sandhill cranes


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  1. Hey, hey – bike shopping!! I hope you find just the right one! Guess what bike I still have – ? – my 3 speed Raleigh in avocado green from 1970 when I went to graduate school. Nice leather seat. Just got new tires for it. On one of my rides last fall, someone stopped me, admired the bike, and wanted to buy it! Hah – no way. Avocado still looks great. I’m keeping it. 🙂

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