It’s been trying SO HARD to rain or snow here… Further south they’ve accomplished that, but not here.  We’d love some rain, but it’s refusing to fall for the most part.  I think I’ve measured .07″ in the past few days.

It is Grey.

It is Cold.

Which just means we’ve put our winter clothes back on… I was smart enough to not have packed them away quite yet!

Grass has grown, though… enough that the bulls can go out to pasture and we can quit feeding them hay.

It wasn’t much of a hike really, just a mile or so…


I had a helper along just in case.

Lucas riding

Not a bad view…

bull pasture


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  1. Springtime -and nature’s return. Always a beautiful season when the grass starts greening, the trees give forth their red buds, and all the bulbs and birds add to our delight. Greetings to Lucas from Sandy (my new ES pup).

  2. Wishing you some warmth and sunshine as you watch over your cattle. Love the black contrast to red hills in last photo.

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