Person to help take care of multiple ranch horses.

Must be willing to do deep grooming.

Must not be squeamish with blood and bugs.

Must know horse anatomy.

Must be able to read horses’ moods and temperaments.

No tools required, except for perhaps a pair of pliers and/or a pair of flat rocks.

Former experience beneficial but not required.

Minor veterinary skills a plus.

Duties are simple:  Pick every tick off of the ranch horses so the disgusting insects don’t crawl on cowboys.  Cowboys (and cowgirls) HATE creepycrawly ticks.  Horses don’t appear to be too fond of them either.  Ticks must be squished with pliers or flat rocks.  Depleting the local population is the goal.  Confident manner when pulling them off of horses’ more private parts would be beneficial.

Colorful metaphors can be used on occasion (like when blood from a smashed tick squirts you), appropriate adult beverages acceptable when necessary.

NOTE: Panama doesn’t appreciate application of needles, and transfers that to pliers as well.  His tick infestation must be pulled off with your fingers.  Longer fingernails would be an asset.

This may turn into a full time job if the level of tick numbers remains high throughout the summer.

Job will end at the beginning of winter.

Other duties as assigned.


Now that I’ve got you all imagining ticks crawling on you… some of you liked my selfie with my new bike… but I snuggled up to the ticky Panama today for a better one!  My bike is cool, but Panama (ticks and all) outranks the little Green Machine.  Besides… he goes fast uphill and down, travels ok in muddy conditions, has fairly good steering and brakes, although his shock absorbers leave something to be desired.  He can traverse creeks, motivate through snow and willows, and cut out pairs from the herd.  Yes… the horse wins!






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  1. Hey Carol… I just read that Vicks VapoRub applied directly to a tick will make it release. Would love to know if it works…

  2. Too funny. Weather has warmed up now in my area, and I will be on the lookout for ticks also. Never have had to use pliers. Rocky Mountain ticks must be larger than the deer ticks we see.

  3. I feed sulfer salt all year long. No ticks!! Yuck, on ticks. They do not like me. Only 2 in over 30 years. No need to send me an app. for job, as much as I would LOVE to see you again, I don’t want the job.

  4. Yes,………..the horse wins!
    But………….you have to feed the durn thing everyday–the bike or bike+motor can sit for days/weeks without any care!

  5. Is it possible to work if I am from foreign country. We are Mongolians and horses, that what we do. I like your picture, great look of both of you.I’m to be a farmer, who changed my life in the city to the eastern steppe in Mongolia. You are Welcome in my home in Mongolia.
    Take care
    My address:

    • I’m sorry, but this isn’t a real job. I was being sarcastic. You must have quite an interesting life on the steppes of Mongolia!

  6. The horse always wins in my book. I used to pull ticks off of dogs a lot, but usually tired of the job before it was all done. Lol

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