Eight Steps to Happiness

Step One:  Convince the girls they actually CAN exit through the gate that’s been closed to them all winter.


Step Two:  The first real test for mommas and babies… can you please stay together as you transverse the ranch yard around tractors and sheds and granaries and gas tanks and trailers and… ?


Step Three:  Cross the bridge.  The cows see the green fields and boom! they’re across.  It’s those little babies at the back that can be a problem… but not today.  Today they crossed the bridge like troopers.

bridgeStep Four:  Cross the big draw with the bog in the bottom…


Step Five:  Now up the other side without spilling them down the steep sidehill back into the bog.  Good dogs are welcome here.


Step Six: Through the gate and into the badlands!


Step Seven:  Pairs are matched out of the herd until every momma has her baby and every baby knows where its momma is.

pairsStep Eight:  Go be happy and enjoy some green grass under the blue Wyoming sky!


Happy birthday, Matthew!  Your first year has flown by!  I love you!


Eight Steps to Happiness — 7 Comments

  1. Wow! You make it look so easy. I’ve been out on the ranch and have seen it done and it’s definitely hard unless you’re a seasoned pro. Great job.

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