Tempting Work

The weather has been amazing here of late.  I believe Vernon told me in the past 40 days, we’ve received over three inches of rain and wet snow.  That is simply, simply unbelievable.

And it’s cold.  I mean, in the 30’s and 40’s cold.  With wind.


I’ve been hiding out indoors.  Sitting around.

Of course, it gives me time to make something…

(As a sidenote… people always ask how I have time to do these crafts.  In The Before Time, as a young student at Casper College, one cold and wintery day, I was headed for my mom’s office.  She worked in Student Personnel, so I knew all the counselors and Dean of Students… but as I wandered lazily through the hall, the President of Casper College asked me what I was doing.  “Killing time, ” was my immediate, though quiet, response.  I was very intimidated by Dr. Tim Aley!  His office was separate, and I knew my mom respected him greatly.  He rarely spoke to me, and on this occasion, I was mortified to be caught doing *nothing*.  He looked at me, “When trying to kill time, you should work it to death!”, and he turned and strode away.  Believe me, I’ve never forgotten his words!  So… why not create something? It’s rather fun work, but still…)

jewelryNow how I managed to NOT take a pic after I tarnished them… gah!

Plus, I made some more today… a butterfly, some straight earrings,and a tree of life pendant.

Then, there are the tennis shoes I zentangled…

All of which need photos… and then perhaps, they will be for sale.  I don’t know if I’m good enough yet to make a product for sale, but it’s tempting!


Tempting Work — 6 Comments

  1. Oh yes, you are “good enough”on a lot of your crafts. Being from Buffalo, NY
    I would love one of the Buffalo pins….? Keep on crafting.

  2. I love those! You are certainly good enough to make things to sell! The feather is my favorite, but I really like all the more detailed pieces.

  3. Third from left intrigues me – is that a leaf? a centipede?
    Other things you make have been popular at community fundraisers, and I think you should include the copper work next time around. And you have several readers who would pay for those zentangled sneakers you have been doing for gifts. Go ahead and sell some stuff!

  4. “I don’t know if I’m good enough yet to make a product for sale.”

    Carol, I made almost the exact same statement to a very successful artist (copper water features and sculptures) friend of mine years ago. He looked me square in the eye and asked “Have you offered anything for sale?” I replied rather timidly: “Yes”. Next my friend asked “Did someone give you money for it”? “Yes”, I replied. John said “Then You’re Good Enough and You ARE an Artist”…

    I’ll pass the spirit of his message on to you. Some of us set very high standards for our work and are too critical of our work. I needed a little confidence boost to present my work. Consider yourself ‘boosted’, at least by me. You’ll never know until you present your work.

    Just be sure to price your work fairly for the materials, effort & creativity you put into a piece.

    Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder!

    p.s. What is the price of the Buffalo? I think it’s Great!

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