New Home

It was time to move the chicks… they’ve outgrown their little pen in the wood shed!  Since I also still have my older chickens, I moved the young ones out to the milking shed, and avoided any conflict between the two ages.

I had help today…

chicken wagonAren’t the Barred Rocks BIG?

pushThe were very funny as we wheeled them along.  I assumed they’d panic, they hunkered down instead…

more freedomLots of room in here… come on out, girls!

petQuinlan just would walk up to a chick, and pet it, and pick it up.  They were pretty agreeable for not being handled very much.  I still have 19, and at one point, Quinlan asked what their names were, and I told him they didn’t have names.  He rattled off a list of singsong words, Pick, Pock, Peck, Jet, Jip, plus more… pointing to each one in turn.  So… they have names. (not that I can remember them, even now)

new homeWhat more could they want?


New Home — 5 Comments

  1. Those chicks have really grown. They had a fun ride today to a nice new home. Nice to have those little helpers along the way.

  2. You could call Quinlan the “Chicken Whisperer” since he seem to have a rapport with them. Do you suppose he will remember all the names?

    I love the first picture with all the helpers, 2 and 4 legged.

    Great post.

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