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If you see me tomorrow, and I’m walking a bit slow… it’s because I rototilled on my garden for a bit… then I rode my bike clear to the mailbox at the other place (roundtrip of six miles)… then I came home and mowed my lawn with my little mower.  It’s like pushing a mower over a rutted pasture – my lawn is NOT smooth.

I imagine I will be a little stiff…

I poured grass over my new hugelkultur and though I didn’t take a photo today of the progress, here’s a pic from last night.

hugelkulturA layer of cardboard, then logs around the edge, then some old cornstalks, then the dirty bedding from my baby chickens, THEN grass clippings.  A good watering and I will be cooking compost in no time!

I hope to encourage more raspberries in this direction… but if I had help tearing out my old strawberry bed, I’d be willing to put them here as well.

I need to hire a big strong guy for a day or two!  Breaking apart a concrete strawberry bed is not *really* what I want to do…

I wrote an article for the local paper on hugelkultur, straw bale gardening, Earth Boxes, lasagna gardening, and keyhole gardens.  They are all fun in their own way… being lazy about hauling stuff clear out to my compost pit is a big benefit!  All this stuff sounds like work, but I still enjoy it.

Have you guys tried any unique ways to garden??? Seems like I’m always willing to try something new!


Post your questions for the next Q&A here!



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  1. I bet that there are several other gardeners out here in your audience like me who would be interested in the article that you wrote for your local paper. It sounds like you covered a number of interesting methods, especially for those of us whose soil is low in organic matter. Kudos to you for being so energetic and spreading the word about composting short cuts.

  2. Your garden sounds both wonderful and interesting. Hope you manage to find that strong guy. Yippee, temps reaching 70+ the next few days in parts of UK. A week ago we had snow and hail showers!!!!

  3. As a suburbanite, I have tried raised bed gardening. I built my boxes and have good luck with a several veggies each year. And because I really love potatoes, I plant them in HUGE 24″ high plastic pots. Just enough work for me, and just enough fresh veggies for the summer. I really want to find someone who had a big garden, so I can grow Golden Bantam corn!!! yummy old variety! 🙂

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