Half a Mile to Go

I alternate between cleaning my house and outdoor chores… too often I ignore my house in favor of “playing”, so it’s about time I do more than a swipe and a swish to clean things up!  It *is* SPRING…

While cleaning my light fixtures of bugs is rewarding… it’s not very photogenic… it isn’t very hygienic either!  Ish.

So, I’ll show you compost instead.


Since my composted straw bales from my straw bale gardening attempt from last summer made that section of my garden so very nice… I’m hauling in some more rotting straw.

strawThe center of this one looks perfect!

I hauled part of this, then headed to another stackyard to see if there was more rotten ones.  I had excellent timing as Brandon was there with the loader, and in a few minutes, my little truck was FULL.

It didn’t take long and my garden was covered in old rotting straw.  I’ll have to break it up so my rototiller can handle it… and I hope to find some manure somewhere…. We always clean our corrals and spread it on the hayfields, so finding manure on this ranch is not always easy!

garden strawWhatever is still too “new”, I’ll throw over on my huglelkultur bed.  The stupid chickens are worming their way through my fence and loving digging up my hugelkultur.  Someone needs to build me a stone fence… can’t keep my dogs in or the chickens OUT!

The pic of the day is Miss Dally.  I tried to get her to ride on the top of the straw, she’s ridden on the hay trailer plenty of times, but she was happy on the tailgate and WAS NOT GOING TO MOVE.  Thankfully, we only had half a mile to go…

straw Dally


Half a Mile to Go — 3 Comments

  1. A lovely picture of Dally, trusting the driver. My question. Often when travelling (no motorway driving for me) on our busy motorways with three lanes either way of fast moving traffic, I think it would be nice to drive Carol’s route 16. Beautiful scenery, not much traffic. BUT then I think WAIT. No street lights at night, no houses to call on in an emergency, possibly no cell phone reception. So what are the ‘road rules’ you would pass on to visitors. My daughter drove and I map read in 2009 from Casper to Moran and north past Jackson lake. Best views ever.

  2. Now, Sunday is Mother’s Day! A great day to relax with your family and let
    the garden dream of all the nice veggies it is going to produce! Have a Happy Mother’s Day.

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