Favorites from Branding 2016

branding ironsChecking to see if the irons are hot.

trailersThe gathering of the grey trailers.  There’s one in every bunch…

smokinHeaded to the fire.

saddlesFinished for the day.


q and bQuestions for Daddy.

learningLearning on the job.

q and bWords of advice from Uncle B.


Favorites from Branding 2016 — 7 Comments

  1. Branding is so interesting! Especially with family there! I’m sure I have said this before but it always reminds me of how excited my best friend, Jerri, would look forward to it! Your ranch life is so exciting and it is wonderful how you take time every day to share it with us! Thank you, Carol!

  2. Great photos Carol! I love that you caught your family in these, and how the family way-of-life is passed on to each generation. Love it!

  3. Really terrific photo essay today. And tell “Uncle B” he might grow a handlebar mustache to add to his authentic look!

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