Winner, Winner

New camera…

Just have to share.

This is the scene with the camera simply opened… no zoom.regular

See the thin black line in the distance below the ridge?  Those are the cows and calves from our branding heading out over that ridge to the badlands.

Let’s zoom in to see what’s REALLY going on.


Some cows and calves are off in a steep draw and Brandon’s on foot, keeping them from going downhill.

Pretty amazing, huh?

But wait.

There’s digital zoom as well.  I don’t usually use it because it just enlarges the pixels and you get pixelated photos… but, let’s see how it does.

zoom+Yeah.  Pixelated.  But. WOW.  This could be turned into a watercolor easily enough… no good for a photo submission to anything, but I think this camera is pretty impressive.

There is shake when zoomed in like this, but I have a baby Gorilla Pod I can pack easily to help with that.

It’s a winner.

Canon PowerShot SX720 HS

Gorilla Pod

(affiliate links) (this is my own opinion, Canon does not know who I am… unfortunately)


Winner, Winner — 5 Comments

  1. Canon should know who you are. Your pictures are the best advertising ever. Truly amazing. I’m impressed and I’m a Nikon person. (Camera ownership, not anything else!)

  2. These are great photos Carol. When I saw the model number I checked out my camera. Not as high spec as yours at SX600HS, but seeing your photos I MUST start reading the 162 page manual. Then I might get a better shot of sunrise/big skiy clouds that appear in the east every now and then. The struggle will be 600 manual or new Longmire!!!!!!

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