Last Breath

The end of an era…

The second most photographed barn in Wyoming has finally lost its battle with gravity…

Here she is May of 2014… looking sad as her second floor collapsed…

Anderson barnFloodwaters surrounded her… but she was hanging on!

Anderson barnsheepLast week, she finally breathed her last.

Anderson barnAnderson barnAnderson barnAnderson barnAnderson barn



Last Breath — 15 Comments

  1. I’d love to have some lumber from that grand old barn! Very sad to see it go down. I made a drawing of it about a year ago, and even at that stage of deterioration, I felt a bit of a heartache.
    Thinking of the work and pride that went into building it, and curious about its history.

  2. For all those for whom this barn holds memories….I am sorry for your loss. May she reign forever in your hearts.

  3. Hi, I am an Anderson cousin and have been taking yearly photos of this barn for a long time. However, I haven’t been able to locate many older pictures of the barn in spite of literally thousands of tourists photographing this barn for decades. I do have 3-4 photos taken around 1947 or 1948, probably right before the barn was painted for the last time by my Uncle Jim Anderson and his brother-in-law to be, Keith Thurman. Would you know of any other existing older photos?

  4. Hmmm…the second most photographed barn in Wyoming? Wonder where #1 is – I’ll guess near the Great Tetons?? that’s on the cover of most tourist books for that region.

    Looks like a perfect project for DIY Barnwood Builders!

  5. Have taken a lot of pictures of the barn during the past 4 years as I’ve come to Washakie County from Texas for work. Not going to be the same!

  6. Thank you for the pictures Carol! That’s my family barn. My high school graduation picture has that barn in the background. It was in WAY better shape back in the day!

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