Perfect Timing

The boys have been working on AI-ing our heifers.  Daniel has helped some neighbors with their heifers as well.  Today was our Big Day and I was called into help.

I had spent the morning transplanting flowers but they wanted me after lunch, so my tomatoes will still have to wait to be planted.

Vernon would haul the heifers away as the boys finished a bunch.  Daniel and Brandon alternated putting a heifer into the chute, then AI-ing her, and I was record keeper and chute operator.

AIingWe only AI our heifers, thank goodness, and the guys are quite good at it now.  In fact, they were talking quite in depth about female reproduction and hormones… which makes me snicker just a wee bit.


They processed them right along… and Megan brought us a quick supper, then they were back at it.  We finished right before dark… perfect timing!


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  1. I bet they were glad you were around to help. Tomatoes tomorrow, maybe. Our plants still go in shed at night but within a few days we should be past the frost risk. Enjoy your holiday weekend, though I realise you might not have a day off like the majority of the USand UK. No school for a week.

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