Branding 2016

gauntletThe Gauntlet.

branding barrelThe branding barrel and my “bar” branding irons.

waitingWaiting on the ropers.



heat waveThis isn’t out of focus… it’s through the heat of the branding barrels.

fire manKeeping the irons hot is a Very Important Job.

bwDragging one out.

underDaniel ducks under the rope, while A. proved repeatedly today, that wrestling calves requires no huge biceps or heavy weight, just lots of grit and determination, and leverage.  Lots of leverage.



Branding 2016 — 9 Comments

  1. Lordy, what a bunch of good looking guys! Don’t you just love looking at them from the back there, hands on their hips and enjoying the confab with each other!

  2. I’ve wondered for a long time why you don’t use one of the other methods of ID. Less time consuming and also less impact on the cattle. Branding must be a bit painful for them too.

    • Hey, we use other methods of ID… tags, ear marks, but we need PERMANENT identification. Do you have other ways? We’re willing to listen to different ideas.

  3. Yes, Leverage! I was a pretty tough farm kid, but I sure relied on leverage for a whole lot!

    Great pictures! A story in picture bites.. lol

  4. I always love the pictures and your commentary about “branding day” and these were really terrific! After thinking about them this year, I venture to say that the “assembly line” was really the ranchers’ invention!!

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