North x Northwest

With branding over, it’s now time to split up the herd into smaller ones.  The guys like to do this since it is so much easier to see which bulls are with which cows…  They spend a great deal of time discussing “If we put this bull here with that bull, then we have such-n-such breeding in that bunch” or “We can’t put the little bull in with the older ones, he will get chased out…”

I just wait until they make their decision and then follow directions as I’m told!


pairingMore pairing in the corner… then…



Happy birthday to the wonderful, little Miss Lacee!  I hope you had a fun-filled day!  We love you so much!

(Checking out the zentangled shoes…)

shoesAnd showing off her new fairy outfit!



North x Northwest — 7 Comments

  1. Well, sorry to tell you…..but the beautiful blonde fairy in warm rosy pink soooooo out does the cows. What a darling.

  2. In the picture North, there are cows on the paved highway. No traffic at all ? Do they have a person way ahead to call back if a truck is coming ? In the picture Northwest, looks like the cows are walking in a planted field – is that grass that has been planted ? Thanks.

    • No, there is traffic. Warning signs are out. Only some dork from out of state that drove through us THREE TIMES was the only traffic. There’s fairly good line of sight on a lot of it, plus we were only on it for a mile or so. That is a field of oats.

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