Hay Through My Window

Over the past few days, I’ve witnessed the haying process right through my dirty kitchen window!  I was “hiding” inside, as the grass pollen and I don’t agree on much…

First came Daniel.  He’s a hay cutting man!

discbineWhile not as tall right there, the orchard grass just outside my yard on the other side was as high as my shoulder!  Aaaaaachoooooo!

rakeThen, a couple of days later, Vernon went by, raking two windrows into one… which reduces the time and passes the baler must make.

balingThen, ta-da!, the baler goes by!

Yes, missing from this little story is the tractor that’s stacking the bales.

I’m very grateful for my haying crew… and that I can watch it from inside makes my nose and eyes that much happier!


Hay Through My Window — 2 Comments

  1. Glad you are safe inside. What a great view you have from your kitchen. I got a photo I took of the Tetons enlarged. It’s now my ‘mock’ window on my kitchen wall. Soooooooo much better than a plain wall

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