Fence ‘Em In

“Fences make good neighbors.”

We’ve all heard that adage, and when it comes to running livestock, it’s never more true!!!

Escapee cows/calves/steers/bulls cost us lots of man hours.  Whether its through neglect, age, wildlife, nature, or just obstinate critters, fences beg for work constantly.  Brandon has been fighting fence and escapees for the past few days.  He would fix it, block the deep draw, tighten the wires here and there, and the next day, we would have cattle on the neighbors.

Today he asked for help digging some cows out of the brush, and Daniel and I obliged.  It was a quick trip on the side by side and 4 wheeler… with Tuff and Eden along, the cows were lined out and headed back with only a short major spurt of huffing and puffing on my part. I had volunteered to follow the pairs through the brush patch while Daniel cut them off from going the wrong way on the far side.  I took 10 steps and realized I’d left my camera in the Rhino.


Well, believe me when I said it was pretty down there, not counting the cobwebs and deadfall and houndstongue!

I did manage a quick snap of Eden as we reached the top again.

EdenIt was a quick job… and we’ll kick the cows out of this pasture into the next tomorrow.  We will see if that one holds them, now that this one is in good repair!


Fence ‘Em In — 7 Comments

  1. Those dogs work so hard for you and seem to enjoy it so much! It’s great how you have them so well trained to help with the cow work! It must help you all out a lot.

    • Houndstongue is a weed about 2-3 feet high, with small purple flowers. It produces a round stickery seed… very Velcro! Cows won’t eat it, and it continues to grow thicker and thicker… We try to spray it, but it’s a losing battle…

  2. Good job – sounds like your team and doggies got the job done pretty fast!
    I guess the signature song of all creatures is, “Don’t Fence Me In.”

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