Junipers and Rainbow Puzzle

The clouds lately have been spectacular…

I thought it was time for another puzzle, right, Marie?

Junipers frame a stormcloud and rainbow…

previewJunipers and Rainbow


Junipers and Rainbow Puzzle — 6 Comments

  1. Thanks for the puzzle, Carol. I really enjoy working on them and the beautiful photos they make! Keep em comin’!

  2. Just did the puzzle – it was fun! Thanks for all the good weather that came east for my vacation in Quebec!!

  3. I was so happy to see you had added another puzzle!! Thank you so much. I enjoyed it. Last night I was cleaning out my inbox and found the little hen that you had sent before and I didn’t have time then to work it. It was, too. Do some more, won’t you?

  4. That was totally fun putting that puzzle together!!! you should do more!! Loved it! Not sure if everyone will know to CLICK ON the pic though!!! cute idea !!! ūüôā

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