Two Yucca Moon

I need to make a slide show of all my cloud photos… they’ve been spectacular lately.

I’m trying to load some raw footage of some up on Vimeo quickly.  No titles, no transitions… I will see how long that takes!  I get so frustrated at the slowness of iMovie.  I have tooooooo many videos… but then I *like* to have titles and transitions and ending titles…

For those of you who do follow me on Facebook, I hope you enjoyed the little video I posted there.  It wasn’t complete when I went to bed last night… I just left it cooking!  I have better things to do with my time than mess with these videos… but I take them all the time intending to share them with you!  Thankfully, it continued on its own and I posted it this morning.

We had a 51 mph gust here yesterday that blew a big limb out of my cottonwood tree.  I spent a couple hours cleaning that up… and it left a “widowmaker” hanging 50′ up.  Then, this afternoon, it blew another one out.  Not near as big, but I sure don’t want to get conked on the head by one!  I don’t know what we’ll do about it.  The tree trimmer couldn’t get any higher in his bucket truck, but we all spend quite a bit of time along that sidewalk playing and sitting and grilling.  It makes me very nervous!

Well, it looks like it will be a while before my cloud video is ready… soooooo…..

As soon as I took this, I entitled it “Two Yucca Moon”… which sounds like a story…

two yucca moon



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