Going Nowhere

I continue to check the water and cows and salt and mineral supplies on the Slope Pasture.  That means load the dogs, grab some water for me!, a 50# sack of mineral and salt each, check the gas gauge on the Rhino, make sure you have on wraparound sunglasses and a tight fitting baseball cap and we’re OFF! (I may regret posting this dorky pic of Eden and I, but she LOVES going on these trips.  The other dogs lie down and ride quietly… not this girl!  She’s face to the wind, ears flying up, and drool splashing on me on occasion… yeah, thanks!  She makes me giggle.)


We usually see lots of small things along the way…



Old dugout cabins.  The wooden section would have been the doorway, with a roof over the dugout area which has collapsed.


Around the old Compton cabin is this plant.  I don’t really see it growing anywhere else.  Anyone know what it is?

herbOld cars.  Going nowhere.

model t



Going Nowhere — 6 Comments

  1. Cool pictures! I don’t know what your plant is, though it looks a bit parsleyish…. not a word, but you know. Lol

  2. Love the pic. of Eden …. true, free in the wind… like the guy his dog and his fast car in his dream on a new commercial… so funny….

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