Rodeo Pics

No, you didn’t miss it… there was no post last night.

Last night was a cool, summer evening, perfect for a Good Friend and gypsy dinner and glass of wine and campfire.  My true test of possible friendship has always been “do I want to hang around a campfire with this person”?  Well, my visitor last night is at the top of, “I’ll follow her to any campfire”!

My Girl Scout friends are the BEST.  And J.S. is a truly great Girl Scout!

We yakked and laughed until late, it was a Wonderful, Wonderful Time.

Thanks, J., for coming to see me, for being a friend, for So Many Things… and for bringing Oregon Wine!!!


Time to share some rodeo pics.

bullsnotwrangler viewreatalocal kidropewild horse race


Rodeo Pics — 13 Comments

  1. The tough cowboy toting a green bottle and possibly a raggedy rabbit is one of the best ever. Absolutely wonderful. Enjoyed all the rodeo pix, but that is a standout.

  2. Brings back a lot of memories of Ten Sleep rodeos!! Loved all your pics and picked out some that would make “great” jigsaws!!

  3. Nice picture collage! Love the little cowpoke!
    My favorite event is watching calf roping! Lots of roping skill; and I love how the horse is trained so well.

  4. Perfect. I would love to spend time around a campfire with those people I worked with a Girl Scout National Center West. Great times and wonderful memories.

  5. Great pictures. What are they doing in the third picture? Is that a bronc that threw its rider and got loose? Is there a horse roping event?

    • I think you’re looking at the Wild Horse Race. They are young, unbroke, (NOT REALLY WILD) horses. You must saddle them, ride down the arena, dismount, get the saddle off and return to starting line. All under three minutes.

  6. love the pictures! I was a Girl Scout all my life and those times were the best. Backpacking in the Porcupine mountains in Michigan and singing around the campfire. Now I share my campfires with my daughters still great times. Keep up the good blog. It keeps me sane while I am working in my cubical.

    • Gina, I started doing this whole thing because of my office… and yours! I am thrilled you like mine! Girl Scouts gave me SO MUCH…

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